Deep Dental Cleanings

What is a Deep Dental Cleaning? A deep dental cleaning, sometimes referred to as gum therapy or periodontal scaling and root planning (SRP), is a treatment that cleans between the gums and teeth down to the roots. Like a regular cleaning, the hygienist or dentist will clean the tooth, gum line and sides of the …

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Covid-19 Safety Updates

Starting today, and moving forward Mill Basin Dentistry will be reopening in Brooklyn. We will be taking serious precautions as well as following CDC guidelines to keep our patients and staff safe while NYC begins to reopen. Did you know that Dentists and Dental Assistants were ranked among the most dangerous jobs for contracting Corona …

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What is Hyperdontia?

What is it? Hyperdontia is the condition of having supernumerary teeth, or teeth that appear in addition to the regular number of teeth. They can appear in any area of the dental arch and can affect any dental organ.The prevalence of hyperdontia is between 1% and 4% of the population with a male to female …

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